Stages of Sleep

What exactly happen to our body and brain when we sleep ? Sleep has lots of essential benefits especially to our body. Body refreshment, mood, memory's capabilities, detoxification, and better body immune system  are only few benefits that we can get out of quality sleep. Sleep helps one to reach the Emotional Wellness, and Physical Wellness which is the balance of your emotional and physical abilities, in order to attain the balance of life or the wellness living.

When we do sleep, we normally go through five stages as the following:

  1. First Stage : Light Sleep
    At the first stage, our eyes makes less movement while muscles and tendons start to relax. Many people would experience sudden muscle contraction, or known as the Hypnic Myoclonia, the false sensation of falling from heights. When we wake up at this stage, we will only remember visually fraction of the dreams.
  1. Second Stage : Early Sleep
    In average, many adults spend most of their night sleep at this stage. At the second stage, our breath and heartbeats start to get constant, eye movement stops, body temperature descend, and we enter the sleep realm. Brainwaves start to slow down as well. 
  1. Third Stage - Fourth Stage : Deep Sleep
    At the third stage, our blood pressures start to descend, breath slows down, eyes stop to move, and muscles are in total stop. At this stage, brainwaves becomes really slow, or also known as the Delta waves.
  1. At the fourth stage, our brain only produces Delta waves, and the blood supplies to the muscles will get higher. Hormones, especially growth hormones are released, to stimulate our body's growth and development including body mass and muscles. When we wake up from the deep sleep, we will not be able to quickly adapt to our surroundings, and feel a little groggy.
  1. Fifth Stage : Rapid Eye Movement (REM)
    The Rapid Eye Movement sleep or REM occurs  during the first 70-90 minutes after we get sleep, and reoccur every 90 minutes on every stages. This is the period when we dream. The REM sleep is very important to keep our body maintaining its functionality. Because of that very reason, our brain will keep us asleep by hindering us from sounds or anything that may wake us up on this very stage. 

The Fifth Stage is the most important stage and become the quality indicator of someone's sleep. We need to have as many portion of REM sleep as we can, in order to fully benefit from our sleep. Make sure that we have the perfect environment and essentials to sleep, including the mattress that we use to sleep. Pick a mattress that suits our body and help our body to be in total relaxation.

Serta® mattresses are designed with materials and innovations that enhance the quality of our deep sleep. The 3-zone Independent Pocket Spring System technology in Serta® mattresses are the spring system to keep the body contour and your backbones. When your back is supported correctly, we will experience and achieve the most comfortable position and ultimately a good night sleep. Serta mattresses are also equipped with the Fresssh! Guarantee innovation. This technology will make the mattress stay cool and fresh all time as it also ventilates and maintain our body temperatures.

So, start picking the right mattress for you, and experience the best quality of your good night sleep. 

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